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# Dinosaur Room
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This is a Japanese/Western-style room with a “dinosaur” theme that children love.
Inside the room is a jungle-style bunk bed that is sure to excite children.
The first bunk bed is decorated with twinkling stars, and 17 dinosaurs are hidden,
The second bunk has dinosaurs popping out of the jungle and their eerie eyes.
Surrounded by dinosaurs all over the room, it is like a prehistoric jungle expedition.
Please enjoy a special night with your family.

Room Data

Washlet toilet, shower booth, washbasin, Wi-Fi, hot water washing toilet seat, TV, refrigerator, kettle pot, safe, tea set, air conditioner, hair dryer
7 people
3 semi-single beds, spacious bunk beds ※We will prepare futons for extra bedding for more than 3 adults.