HOKURIKU'S SEASONAL AND SEA-SCENTED MEALS Enjoy seasonal Iso-scented meals that are typical of Ishikawa Prefecture in Hokuriku

Yamashiro Onsen is located at the base of Ishikawa Prefecture, which protrudes greatly into the Sea of Japan, and is almost the center of the three prefectures of Ishikawa Prefecture, Fukui Prefecture, and Toyama Prefecture, so it is a good location where you can get delicious seafood quickly and fresh.

In addition, Yamashiro Onsen praises the sacred mountain Mt. Hakusan on its back, and is also a treasure trove of mountain foods such as wild vegetables, animal meat, and water, which are famous all over the country.

Please enjoy the cuisine that you can enjoy visually, incorporating the four seasons unique to Japan.


Leave the procurement of fish to the professionals who have a good eye for fish

We sell "the most delicious sashimi inn" in Kaga Onsenkyo.

We will leave the purchase of fish to the small fishmonger "Kuwahara" where fans visit from outside the prefecture, and we will provide freshly caught fish on that day.


Kaiseki cuisine that changes with the seasons

6 kinds of Hokuriku fish are always available in the standard course.

The sea of Hokuriku is a fishing ground where you can catch a lot of delicious white fish.

Please enjoy the fresh fish of Hokuriku.


Enjoy the special luxury

We offer special menus such as Funamori and Noto beef, as well as baby food as single items.
Please order according to your needs.

Some menus order fresh ingredients,

Please note that you will need to make a reservation in advance.

  • Kin no Funamori [7 kinds of sashimi]
    Kin no Funamori [7 kinds of sashimi]

    Order from 17,600 yen for 2 people / Please order at least 2 days in advance


  • Gin no Funamori [5 kinds of sashimi]
    Gin no Funamori [5 kinds of sashimi]

    Order from 8,800 yen for 2 people / Please order at least 2 days in advance


  • Baby food
    Baby food

    Early, mid-term, late, completion period / Two meals of dinner and breakfast


  • All you can drink

    Order for the number of adults. Last order 30 min ago.

    2 hours ¥3,300

  • All-you-can-drink for children

    Last order 30 min ago.

    2 hours ¥1,100

  • [Noto Beef] Steak 150g


  • [Noto Beef] Mini Steak 80g


  • [Noto beef] 3 kinds comparison Sirloin, headgear, inner thigh



  • [Noto beef] Shabu-shabu The hot pot of kaiseki cuisine will be changed to shabu-shabu.



  • [Noto beef] Sukiyaki The hot pot of kaiseki cuisine will be changed to sukiyaki.



  • [Noto beef] Broiled sushi 2 pieces /1 person



  • Abalone dance grill Please order by the day before



  • Abalone sashimi Please order by the day before



  • 蟹味噌甲羅焼き


  • 和牛石焼 80g


  • 海老フライ


  • だし巻き卵


  • お子様カレー


  • お子様うどん



Full from the morning, Ishikawa Prefecture's fragrant Japanese breakfast

Example of breakfast menu

chilled tofu
three kinds of delicacies
Umakara miso, wakame seaweed with green laver, sea urchin shiitake mushroom
three kinds of small bowls of cooked food
onsen egg, yam, vegetable salad
grilled dish
Onsen Flounder (si de dish) with Straw and Sesame
side dish
Straw with sesame paste
side dish
soup of arabesque
three kinds of side dishes
White rice and grilled nori


Child-friendly menu

The children's menu includes many of the children's favorite dishes!
We also have a lot of extra snacks for you,
Even children who usually hold back on sweets will be special on this day.


Relaxed and comfortable dining

The restaurant has been reopened.Have a great time in the new dining room.


Even if you only have one day off, you want to relax and soak in delicious meals and hot springs!

For such customers, a day trip plan is recommended.

There are 4 types of day trip plans in total.

Day trip plan list

  • Lunch day trip

    5 people or more ¥7,700

  • Dinner day trip

    2 people or more ¥10,000

  • Curry Lunch on Saturdays and Sundays only
  • Weekday lunch box

    10 or more ¥2,000